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Historic Druid Hills Home and Garden Tour

THE HISTORIC DRUID HILLS Home and Garden Tour is back and better than ever! The unique neighborhood, designed by famed landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted, was almost erased by the construction of a highway. Instead, the community fought fiercely to preserve and protect Druid Hills. Even as it has evolved with the needs of today’s world, they are grateful that the spirit and soul of Olmsted’s original vision for their neighborhood are still thriving. This year’s Tour showcases 11 stunning examples of faithful Druid Hills stewardship through clever adaptive reuse of original estate homes, meticulous restoration, and thoughtful realization of their neighborhood’s historic preservation guidelines in new construction.

865 Lullwater Parkway

You never know what this 12,000 sq. ft. Tudor was actually built in 2003!

609 South Ponce de Leon Duplex

This Georgian style mansion is actually a duplex, and both homes are featured on the Tour this year.

1108 Oakdale Road

Front the front, this 1923 Mediterranean style home appears almost the same as it did originally. The inside, however, was completely re-imagined in 2022 after many botched renovations in between.

1324 Ponce de Leon Avenue

Part of the Historic Adair Estate, this home is in the main mansion. It’s one of 15 residences, converted from the original estate homes and outbuildings.

1091 Springdale Road

This recently renovated beauty was at one time converted into 4 apartments, as many Druid Hills homes were in the 1950s – 80s.

1626 Clifton Terrace, Cottage D

When this 3 acre property was developed the main house became a duplex and four “cottage houses” were built behind.

794 Springdale Road

“Boxwood”, one of the first grand Druid Hills estates, this French Colonial originally had a horse track with stadium seating. You’ll visit the house and its historic 3-tiered garden that still remains.

971 Oakdale Road

This established family garden is a must-see! The owners are avid gardeners and over the years, have completed multiple phases of landscaping to create the current combination of features you’ll see.

Lullwater Conservation Garden

The Lullwater Conservation Garden is a 5.21 acre tract of land, which has been maintained by the Lullwater Garden Club since 1931.

1202 Springdale Road

We’re calling this 1923 home “Eclectic European Revivalist” style with New Orleans influence.

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